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Leadership Denison Employer Consent Form - Class of 2025

If applicable, your employer MUST complete this form before your application is considered complete and sent for consideration.
Supervisor Name Completing Form
Is your company a member of the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce? *
If you are not a member of the Chamber, joining reduces the cost of tuition significantly, possibly reducing your overall cost.
I understand the time commitment required of my employee to participate in the Leadership Denison Institute, a program of the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce. *
If my employee is selected to participate, I approve their absence to attend all the sessions. I understand if my employee does not adhere to the attendance policy, they will not be credited with successfully completing the program and no refund will be given. *
I agree to make the tuition payment, in full, prior to the Meet & Greet in late August unless prior arrangements have been made. *
Format: M/d/yyyy
My company would like to sponsor one day of Leadership Denison. I understand the only requirement is to provide lunch for approximately 15 candidates. I further understand that I may attend the lunch with them and have an opportunity to visit with the group.

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