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Leadership Denison Application Class of 2025 42nd CLASS presented by TMC ER at Sherman

Leadership Denison was founded in 1983 by then Mayor Ronnie Cole and continues to enjoy a stellar reputation as a program of the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce. Since its beginning, Leadership Denison has graduated over 500 leaders for Denison and the Texoma region. This year we are pleased to announce Texoma Medical Center ER at Sherman as our Presenting Sponsor.
Are you or your business a member of the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce? *
Will your employer be responsible for your enrollment and paying the tuition? *
Employer Address
If you would like to be considered for the Leadership Denison Scholarship offered by the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce, please complete the following section.
If you are employed by a company that will not cover the cost of the tuition, you must be able to submit a letter of approval to attend all class sessions from your employer in the event you are chosen for the scholarship. If you cannot provide such approval, you will not be able to accept the scholarship.
Prior community engagement is not a requirement of the program but a willingness to commit to future engagement is a must.
Please be specific in your reasons for participating in Leadership Denison.
Be it schools, streets, business, civic - we want to know what you think so we can better tailor our program.
What are you goals after completing the program?
Professional References recommending you for Leadership Denison
Professional References recommending you for Leadership Denison
We REQUIRE a professional portrait for your application. These photos are used in various publications and posts about the class and used in the program at graduation. Selfies and pictures with others are not acceptable. A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO IS REQUIRED.
You must upload your chosen headshot for the application to be submitted.
I understand that Leadership Denison is a learning experience and requires attendance at monthly meetings, which are FULL DAY 8AM - 5PM sessions, over a period spanning September - April with Graduation occuring at the May Quarterly Luncheon. *
I understand attendance at the Meet & Greet in late August, Full Day Retreat in September and Graduation are MANDATORY. I further understand one absence is allowed during the year but may not be one of the before mentioned days. *
I understand that no more than ONE session may be missed due to illness, injury or emergency and if more than ONE session is missed I will be dropped from the class without a refund. I further understand I will be allowed to complete the missed class and graduate with the next class. *
I understand the tuition of $700 for Denison Chamber members ($950 for future members) is payable prior to the Meet & Greet in late August unless previous payment arrangements have been made. Further, I understand that tuition is non-refundable once I have been accepted into the program, agreed to attend, and the 2023 class has been publicly announced. *
All funds go directly to the program in order to provide the best possible events for your class. Payment arrangements can be made by contacting Diana Theall, President/CEO directly.
I understand the legal consequences of signing this document, including releasing the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce and it's Board of Directors and Leadership Denison committee members from all liability, waiving my right to sue the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce and I assume all risks of participating in the this program, including travel to and from all activities or any events incidental to the program. *
I understand that my employer (if applicable) must submit the separate Employer Sponsorship Agreement form for my application to be considered complete and forwarded to the Leadership Denison Institute Committee for consideration. *
By typing your name you understand the above commitments and agree to be bound by them in the signing of this application.
Format: M/d/yyyy

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