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Usual Food Co.



About Us

Hi!! We are the Jimenez family Javier & Heather. We have been cooking for close to 18 years now and love what we do so we decided it?s time to start doing for ourselves . So when covid hit California and we all got locked down for 4 months we decided to start a small business from our house. With the help of friends and family our sandwiches took off! We sat down and got the brilliant idea of going legit and decided to make this a real business? so that led us to ?the great state of TEXAS?. Now it wasn?t an easy feat moving 16000 miles but we did it in 3 1/2 days. (Sheesh) After getting settled we got our shop up and running and now that?s where we are at now. Thanks to the great community here in Denison TX we are excited and looking forward to the next chapter in this crazy story.

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